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Tell us which Cutbot services you’d like to try out and we'll be back in touch to set up a free trial for you. We’ll also be happy to meet up or chat through how to get the most out of that trial account. Discounts are available for charities, small businesses, agencies, and the public sector.
Our online media monitoring scans over 1.7 million articles a week for you from around the world, from newspapers, magazines and broadcaster websites to blogs and organisations.
Our public affairs monitoring currently covers the Scottish Government and the Scottish Parliament, with Whitehall, Westminster and the other devolved bodies coming soon.

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    Media monitoring

    Cutbot scans more than 1.7 million articles a week from around the world, from every type of online publication, and each title is checked before it goes into our system.

    Then we search them in sophisticated ways for our clients. For example, if you want results for a particular search only from the American financial press, that’s easily done. Or perhaps only from major newspapers across the EU. Maybe you only need to consider publications specialising in energy or the environment. Whatever you need to know, we can help you find it.

    We also provide unlimited advice and support to get the most out of the system for no extra charge. With our experience we can help you ensure your searches are broad enough to find the stories you care about, yet specific enough to minimise unwanted material. You can either receive automatic briefings at a time that suits you, or log in to edit the list of articles before sending a briefing to busy colleagues.

    UK clients receiving links to UK newspapers from media monitoring firms are (for now, at least) required to take out a licence with the Newspaper Licensing Agency, or to make separate arrangements directly with publishers for permission to receive links to their content, implausible as this may sound, although recent court verdicts mean we can offer a service which does not incur these fees. Information about their licences is here, and we can discuss whether their fixed or variable fees are more suitable for your organisation.

    We can also offer an integrated service covering both media and public affairs. Get in touch for a free trial and to find out more. Discounts are available for charities, small businesses, agencies, and the public sector.