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Tell us which Cutbot services you’d like to try out and we'll be back in touch to set up a free trial for you. We’ll also be happy to meet up or chat through how to get the most out of that trial account. Discounts are available for charities, small businesses, agencies, and the public sector.
Our online media monitoring scans over 1.7 million articles a week for you from around the world, from newspapers, magazines and broadcaster websites to blogs and organisations.
Our public affairs monitoring currently covers the Scottish Government and the Scottish Parliament, with Whitehall, Westminster and the other devolved bodies coming soon.

    stay informed

    How it works


    Keep just what your team needs, no more, no less.

    You’re sending a media or public affairs briefing to some very busy people, so you don’t want to waste their time.

    When you log in, perhaps you’ll see a story near the bottom of the briefing which is actually the most important, so drag it to the top. If another story is in all the papers but you only need one instance of it, just click to delete the others.

    If one story needs to have a note attached then there’s space in our system for that too. It’s ideal for in-house PR or public affairs teams, for agencies, or where your organisation sends briefings to members or external supporters.


    One click sends that day’s crucial coverage out by email.

    Once you’ve finished editing your briefing, it takes just one click to send it out to your email list. We give you easy ways to manage that list from within Cutbot, whether you’re sending just to the senior management team or to thousands of supporters.

    Unlike some companies, we don’t limit the number of people you can send to or charge you more for a longer list. Your briefing also goes branded just the way you want it, either using a template you give us, or featuring your logo on one of our standard templates, or our designers can work with you on a custom template.

    We then archive that briefing so you can see what you sent out, and your search terms keep looking for the next day’s content.

    try it

    Press the button to the left for a free trial of our complete service. Give us a go for a fortnight and see how our system can work for you. We’re price competitive with anyone else in the market, and we think you’ll find our approach more intuitive and more effective.

    We’re a new company and we listen to customers and potential customers when we’re designing our service. If you like how Cutbot’s monitoring works but really need another feature we’ve not developed yet, let us know. If it’s practical and we think others will find it useful too, we may be able to make it happen for you.