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Tell us which Cutbot services you’d like to try out and we'll be back in touch to set up a free trial for you. We’ll also be happy to meet up or chat through how to get the most out of that trial account. Discounts are available for charities, small businesses, agencies, and the public sector.
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Our public affairs monitoring currently covers the Scottish Government and the Scottish Parliament, with Whitehall, Westminster and the other devolved bodies coming soon.

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    Free* public affairs monitoring!

    October 12, 2013 4:34 pm

    During September Cutbot launched a brand-new public affairs monitoring service, initially covering the Scottish Government and the Scottish Parliament. It’s designed to work automatically, so you put in your search terms and what they apply to – e.g. “business rates” only from Scottish Government press releases and business in Holyrood’s Chamber. Alternatively, you can check the results before sending them to your team. Where a whole debate is full of matches, we summarise them so you don’t get bombarded with too many results.

    We’re also very pleased to be partnering with our friends at Newsdirect, and working with us both is the route to go down if you want intelligent analysis rather than just automatic results. Early next year we’ll be offering Westminster and Whitehall too, then stakeholders (e.g. STUC, FSB etc), with other institutions following after that.

    Anyway, we think the briefings look beautiful as well as being totally comprehensive, and we’d like more people to see them. So we’re going to run an indefinite free open-access trial, sending out one email a day from Monday to Friday. If you want to take a look and see how it works, please just drop us a line or a tweet.

    * Oh, and the catch? We’ll just search for arbitrary topics for short periods and change them around. One week you might get material about pandas and flags, the next it might be marine spatial planning or hedges.

    That’s just so you see how it works, but if you’d rather have a free trial of a proper custom briefing just for your organisation, let us know. We don’t restrict how many people you send that briefing to, nor the number of searches you want to use: you can log in and change either at any time. We can even do media and public affairs in the same briefing for you, but that does cost a bit more.

    A sample of what these briefings look like is here.

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