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Tell us which Cutbot services you’d like to try out and we'll be back in touch to set up a free trial for you. We’ll also be happy to meet up or chat through how to get the most out of that trial account. Discounts are available for charities, small businesses, agencies, and the public sector.
Our online media monitoring scans over 1.7 million articles a week for you from around the world, from newspapers, magazines and broadcaster websites to blogs and organisations.
Our public affairs monitoring currently covers the Scottish Government and the Scottish Parliament, with Whitehall, Westminster and the other devolved bodies coming soon.

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Cutbot is an online media monitoring service. We crawl a wide variety of internet publications to find the latest news.

Our crawler identifies itself with an HTTP user-agent header that should allow publishers to easily exclude it from any logfile analysis:
Cutbot; 1.5;

We aim to make sure our crawler never has a detrimental effect on publications’ web sites. If the crawler seems to be causing any problems, please get in touch with our technical department.